Jun 05

Use of Gravity Conveyor Steel Roller in Modern Day Industries

A conveyor system is a common mechanical equipment of present age which is used to move materials of different shapes, sizes and weight from one particular position to another. They are extensively used in purpose of transportation of bulky and heavy materials. Conveyor mechanism is used in various industries, especially in heavy material and production industries. In present days, conveyor systems are also used in escalators, moving containers in docks and in various other fields. There are a variety of conveyor systems that are in use today. Some of them are:
  • · Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • · Belt conveyor
  • · Vibrating conveyor
  • · Pneumatic conveyor
  • · Bucket conveyor
  • · Flexible conveyor
  • · Chain conveyor
  • · Screw conveyor
  • · Wire mesh conveyor
  • · Overhead conveyor
  • · Chain driven conveyor
  • · Drag conveyor etc.
A gravity conveyor or gravity conveyor steel roller is mainly used in moving loads without using motor power. This generally works on the principle of a slope. The conveyor is usually placed down on an inclined slope and the load is being pushed along the line of a flat conveyor. The gravity conveyors transport products or the whole work in progress along with the human or robotic workforce from one place to another. It is a cheap source of moving materials and is very popular due to the ease of operating and easy and swift maintenance.
The gravity conveyors come in a range usage, mainly distinguishable by the load it can carry. The load ranges from ninety five pounds to almost three thousand pounds per roller. The primary equipments of gravity rollers include spurs, curves, side rails, rollers etc.
Gravity conveyors are used worldwide for various usage. The prime among them are:
  • · They reduce human effort
  • · Provide easy way to move materials and finished goods
  • · Goods of any kind of shapes and sizes can be moved
  • · They are very safe in use and does not have high risk in operations etc.
The warehouse conveyors are often considered as the lifeline of an industry. They are used almost 24X7 and any kind of breakdown is avoidable to the highest extent. The common problems that a gravity conveyor steel roller experience are:
  • · Lack of lubrication
  • · Product handling
  • · Contamination
  • · Poor take up alteration
  • · Drive train
  • · Bad belt timing etc.
All modern day industries, be it small or large depend heavily on conveyor systems. And with improvement of technology, it can be assumed that the common problems that conveyor systems face now a days can be eradicated in near future.